Red Wings Legend Gives Big To Family In Need

Sergei Fedorov Donates Money To Help Buy Medical Bed For Teen

June 8, 2011.  PINCKNEY, Mich. — Former Detroit Red Wings Sergei Fedorov has made a donation to a family that has helped change the life of a 15-year-old.

“It just slowly deteriorates the muscles until it breaks all of the muscles in the body down and,” said Nick’s father, Rob. “The last muscles to go are the heart and the lungs.”

The disease also confined the the teen to a wheelchair and required extenuating measures be taken by his parents every night when he slept.

“Every 20 minutes to half hour, one of us would have to get up and physically roll him to one side or the other for his comfort and to keep him from getting bed sores,” Rob Torrance said.

But despite the fact that Nick can’t run, jump or skate, he can still root for his favorite sports stars. His room is littered with jerseys. And now, there’s a special place in the family’s heart for one of Detroit’s most famous hockey players.

“Once I heard the story, I really asked what we could do to make his life better,” Fedorov said.

So, he donated half the cost of a $30,000 specialized medical bed for Nick, the bed company covered the rest.

“We had no doubts that somehow, some way, we were going to help this family,” Fedorov said.

The bed gently rolls Nick over at a preset time. It also inflates and deflates when necessary.

“I can sleep better,” the teen said.

The donation was made through the Sergei Fedorov Foundation, which the famous player said he funds through the salary he made during the 1998 season — the season the Red Wings won the Stanley Cup.

Nick Torrance was seven years old when he was diagnosed with Duchene’s, a neuromuscular disease.

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